vrijdag 28 juni 2013


Een snel veranderende wereld...

Sint Maarten 1940 - 1950

Sint Maarten 2010 en verder...
Een in-druk!

Tropisch Koninkrijk, Sint Maarten
Uitzending LLink 22 april 2010

Hoe staat het ervoor?
Is er nog een weg terug?

Vandaag lazen we 'Just imagine this'.
"Sint Maarten's own Eco-park"

Dear Editor,
Just imagine this: Sint Maarten producing vegetables, fruits and herbs! Instead of buying everything abroad, we have fresh products available locally in an organic shop and our hard earned money will circulate on our island instead of leaving our economy right away. The freshness of the vegetables, fruits and herbs also adds positively to our health.
Just imagine this: while using aquaponics (using water from fish tanks to feed plants and use that water again for the fish tanks) we are able to provide huge amounts of fish to our population for a more than reasonable price. In addition to what our local fishermen bring to our shores, we again prevent monies leaving our island and thus our economy by purchasing fish and other seafood locally.
Just imagine this: an organic restaurant in which every product is grown locally. While families are dining here, they not only eat healthy, but directly contribute to our economy.
Just imagine this: adding to our tourist product the concept of eco-lodging. We have four lodges, all made of eco-friendly materials, in an eco-friendly/agricultural environment. People from abroad will have another reason why they would choose Sint Maarten as their place of choice to spend their vacation. This, of course, affects both the brand name Sint Maarten and our economy positively.
Just imagine this: combine the organic shop, growing fish, an organic restaurant, eco-lodging and several forms of agriculture (aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics, greenhouses etc.). Heck, throw in a small petting zoo! Give tours to tourists, employ our youngsters, educate the school children (and whoever is interested) about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. Educate same about the medicinal usage of herbs and how to use them in (local) dishes. And, of course, the whole energy supply for this park will be powered by solar panels.

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