zondag 27 oktober 2013

The Sweetest Daredevil

We made it! She made it! On her own, like a little capricorn she climbed rocks and walked the lines, even unto our Altar near the so called 'Moederberg'. I haven't been there since the end of July, the moment that I left the island for picking up our Chi-puppy Emma in The Netherlands. In the meanwhile she has been on Saint Martin for almost two months now. 

So every time we visited d'Anse Marcel and noticed that we were still not able to walk on and continue the path due to Emma's inexperience and young age, I felt a bit sad. I missed the hiking, I missed looking for sea gifts, I missed the body exercise.

But today it was 'Daredevil's Day': 
We witnessed Emma having her very first hike-experience. And the good news is: Emma loved it. All signs indicated a happy Chi with an obvious goal: go and climb. 

No further explination needed to express our joy and happiness! Emma our Daredevil Princess! 

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