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Solidarity Ras Tafari

A support network
For Atatah and Jah Bash Javois, from the association, We agree with Culture, Social and Professional integration through economic activity is primarily a support network. The association employs and trains a dozen people who have been out of work for a long duration, they are involved in the production of fruits and vegetables, the State helps these employees by paying their salaries, and Initiative Saint-Martin organized a training program for the managers of the association. Organic produce and reasonable prices guaranteed. 

Jah Bash Javois

Solidarity Ras Tafari

we AGREE with CULTURE - Biological agriculture project

Entrance of agriculture farm

As you leave Marigot towards the border, there is a green, yellow and red flag showing you the entrance of a wonderful garden. There, the members of the Solidarity Ras Tafari Churchical Ordergive their best to grow all kind of food. 
From afar, it is all green, but as you get closer, you notice different varieties of plants,  vegetables and fruit trees growing there.

plantation,general viewplantation,general view
Since November 2006, Solidarity Ras Tafari Organization has engaged in an Agricultural project named: “We Agree with Culture”.

Our main purpose is to promote agriculture again in St. Martin by giving each one the opportunity to re-appropriate the local products. It was timely and even urgent to us to share those values.
Thanks to courage and team work, the members, guided by the Elders, transformed this fallow land into a real garden providing a large quantity of vegetables.
More than 200 trees were sawed, uprooted, and burned to coal, in order to buy first tools.
We then removed the rocks at the surface, started the irrigation improvement by digging trenches to drain the rain water, sown, transplanted vegetables, and also fruit trees, as a contribution to the preservation of species. Today, you can get freshly reaped crops.

Cant’t believe it? Well yes! Saint-Martin’s soil is rich and fruitful!

As you walk around the beds, the basil fills up your nose with its strong smell, further, the terragonwith its yellow flowers is a pleasure to the eyes and the oregano is a real temptation.
Higher up, sitted under a Tamarind tree, the perfume of the ripe pineapple reaches you.
In fact, more than 120 species grow there with the love and care of the workers.

Jah Bash, the president of the association, patiently answers your questions and gives you an edifying presentation of more than 15 types of mangoes from around the Caribbean…

During the presentation you can hear strange names such as; arrow rootcattle tong7 in 1 thyme, mauby, goose berry,…  coming all the way back to when our parents used to go to  their own garden to feed the family.

Going inside this garden is like going back to our own culture with flavours long forgotten.  The school children, accompanied by one of the sisthrens for a tour, run around safely. And the visitor strolling in such a natural environment is carried by the vibrant songs of the tropical birds.

vegetablebanana fieldherbs
Once a year (March), the “We agree with culture annual agricultural forum” receives the people to an exhibition and sale of ground products with art and craft and traditional entertainment. This day is dedicated to the culture of the Caribbean through agriculture and know-how, in a traditional ambiance.
Logo We agree with Culture

Please, visit us at:

Route Nationale N7
F - 97150 St. Martin
French West Indies

Tel.: + 590 690 374076

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