vrijdag 3 januari 2014

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it

Finally on 23th of December 2013 the moment was there. After months of hard work the Causeway Bridge over the Lagoon was opened. We didn't had the change yet to cross the bridge due to all December festivities, but made the time for it today. 

First things first, getting some groceries. We made a good planning so we could finally cross the iron rainbow first after we admired it from 'The Link'. Emma's first visit there, she loved it!

We saw some awesome rainbows in the past weeks during our hikes (Niels always spots them first!), but this very good constructed bow over the Lagoon will be there under any weather condition. 

We captured our first 'maiden voyage' for posting on this blog. We were heading to Union Road from International Juliana Airport. Had fun! Even with our oncoming traffic ;-)

View from 'The Link' on 'Causeway'

View from 'The Link' Emma's experience


Video 'Causeway', Part 1
Video 'Causeway', Part 2

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