dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Gonzalo Left

Inmiddels wordt op het eiland de draad weer opgepakt. Ook wij hebben vandaag de handen flink uit de mouwen gestoken. Gonzalo heeft aanzienlijke schade veroorzaakt. Verhalen worden uitgewisseld. Formele nieuwsberichten komen nog langzaam door. Eerst morgen zullen de kranten een totaaloverzicht bieden. Duidelijk is inmiddels dat Gonzalo vooral de oostkant en het midden van het eiland heeft geraakt. Ook √≥ns woongebied. Vermeldenswaard daarbij is dat deze hurricane met name de havenzijde van onze woonplaats knockout sloeg. De oceaanzijde die normaliter de zwaarste klappen incasseert, kwam er relatief ongeschonden vanaf. 

Terugkijkend blijkt de impact en kracht van Gonzalo imponerend en groter dan die van Earl in 2010. Dat gevoel wordt tijdens het uitwisselen gedeeld.

Video impressies van Gonzalo, maandag 13 oktober 2014

lokale tijd 18:00 uur, blik vanuit de badkamer

lokale tijd 19:00, vanaf de bank (moment van ademhalen)

Ter aanvulling enkele foto impressies van vandaag

Today's Hurricane Dialogue about details

Diana: Thank you Hedy, is that leak in the bathroom ceiling in your unit? Was the blown in window in Gary's unit below you? Looks like all the pool deck glass is shattered, but at least it stayed together and didn't turn into air borne shards like daggers, it had a safety film on the glass. Do you know if the elevator shafts were flooded or if the elevators are operative? How about the dome glass, is it intact, cracked? The Internet shows an article about SXM where 22 or 37 boats in the lagoon were sunk, one life lost thus far. It also says it will be a week or more to repair and remove debris from some of the smaller roads. I'll keep forwarding you information if you'd like. I'm really surprised at the number of damaged boats in the pond, especially the two catamarans on Babbitt Point, did they come from the lagoon, or wash ashore from the sea? Apparently our fridge is "dead" according to Connie. Talk with her, she has our key, and if you can use anything from our fridge, please take it before it spoils. All your photos came through, it is SO helpful to see the damage in your photos, keep sending them. Diana

Hi Diana, Yes the leak is in our unit but also Gary's bathroom and Connie and Kamal's bathroom are damaged. Heard from Connie your unit was mostly ok. Only the fridge didn't work and some minor water I think. But they still have to do the unit to unit damage report. first they started with the outside. Most units on A side have the water intrusion because of the hurricane direction. Came from the lagoon side. Normally the oceanside gets hit the hardest. A lot of windows around the pooldeck came loose and were smashed. Some stayed in the frame. A lot of ac units were blown down. Simon erected them but I don't know if they still work all. Elevators are both toasted what I heard from Ricardo. Were like a waterfall yesterday. Gary's bathroom window was blown out. Also the door of 3C was smashed. As the hurricane turned the last 45 to 60 minutes the wind shifted to the oceanside. I had to put my weight to the door to prevent it from smashing in. Kamal and Jill did the same. Those doors are NOT hurricane proof at all!!!! The problem is that everyone expected a Tropical Storm so no extra measurements taken on the boats. The ankers and boey were dragged all the way. Five boats smashed from the lagoon on the rocks. One sunk before the parking lot and 4 or 5 smashed together near the OBBR entrance. Phonelines are down but I heard also like 20some boats sunk in the lagoon. The hurricane took everyone by surprise. The east side and centre of SXM are hit the hardest I think. Drove to Pointe Blanche and all the way look like a warzone. 

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